Government Orphan Home - Kapurthala, Jalandhar

The Gill Sewa Society visited the government orphanage in Kapurthala, Jalandhar in May 2019. The orphanage is home to 37 girls with mental disorders and disabilities. Under the orphanages care the girls are provided with 2 meals per day, medication, a caretaker and one item of clothing per year. During the monsoon season, the orphanage is highly susceptible to flooding due to it being built on one of the lowest points in the city. The residents in the orphanage would often have to evacuate to a nearby emergency shelter because of this.

Seeing the predicament these girls were living in, Gill Sewa Society and Gill Group Foundation helped to fund and build a new building with flood prevention methods for the orphanage to move into. New cooking and caretaking facilities were built into their new home to provide better care for the girls. Gill Sewa Society and Gill Group Foundation have also pledged new clothing and additional treats such as food and toys for the girls every month in the hope of giving them a better life.

Update – 08/10/2019

On the 8th of October 2019, volunteers from the Gill Group Foundation visited the orphanage to provide winter clothing and some treats for the girls. We’re also delighted to announce that we have been granted planning permission to rebuild the orphanage. Work will commence shortly and we hope to complete the new building by the end of 2019. Please visit our website and Facebook page for more updates on the orphanage.  


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