Cow Shelter (Gaushala) in Kanian, Shahkot, Jalandhar

Our partner charity the Gill Sewa Society in Punjab India visited a government-funded Cow Shelter (Gaushala) near Shahkot Jalandhar on January 2019. During their visit, the society members were heartbroken to see the appalling conditions the animals at the shelter were being kept in. The cows and bulls at the shelter were malnourished and would often go days without being fed or watered. The animals also showed signs of abuse and an average of 4 cows and bulls were dying daily at the shelter.

The Gill Sewa Society and Gill Group Foundation decided to pledge our support to this project. Refurbishment of the facilities began in March 2019. A group of 40 local volunteers helped build new sheds for the animals to stay in, we also added a water pool for constant water supply. A paved area was added to make it easier to access the shelter. Brand new electrics and fans were put in to keep the animals and workers cool during the hot summer season. A perimeter fence was constructed to secure the shelter and an approximate 1600 trees were planted in the area. Additional staff have now been taken on to assist in caring for the animals and a constant supply of food is being provided and the animals are now being fed twice daily.

The Gaushala is now home to over 380 cows and bulls and 14 calves. The mortality rate has dropped to 4 animals per month all of whom died of natural causes. The Gill Sewa Society and Gill Group Foundation will continue to support this project by continuing to fund towards the feed and care for these beautiful animals. We would like to thank all of the volunteers and our team who made it possible for this project to happen.


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